Plumper, fuller lips without fillers and needles, and reducing crow's feet and drooping eyelids can be done by aestheticians with the right combination of hydrating and plumping ingredients and a little ultrasonic infusion.

Our Ultrasonic Rejuvenation System is a type of firming and lifting technology that infuses hyaluronic acid and peptides deep into the layers of skin, where collagen and elastin help rebuild the fiber network. Clients love this procedure because it delivers immediate and long-lasting results for wrinkle reduction and improved skin elasticity. 

Ultrasonic infusion over the lips helps reduce lip lines and creases, and soften the skin so the lips are fuller-looking, supple, and lines are lifted. 

Eye-area rejuvenation helps lift and firm the skin around the eyes to help reduce the appearance of drooping or hooded lids, and soften crow's feet lines and wrinkles. 

How to perform a lip plumping ultrasonic treatment.

  1. Using the Ultrasonic Rejuvenation System's first mode and tepid water, ablate the surface layer of skin. This layer holds dehydration, dead skin, and hyper pigmented skin cells that contribute to an aged and dull look. Perform the exfoliation procedure for up to two minutes, or four passes before turning the handpiece off. 
  2. Using a small amount of Rest-N-Restore, place the gel liberally over the skin of the lips, and place around the eye area [do not apply directly to the eye lid or too close to the lower eye lid]. With the Ultrasonic Rejuvenation System to Mode 2 and infuse the Rest-N-Restore in to the skin until completely penetrated. To follow the lymphatic flow of the face and help contour the skin naturally, work from the center of the face, out towards the ears, and lift the brow with the flat edge of the spatula. 
  3. Dynamic wrinkles are a major contributor to expression lines on the face, and the eyes and lips are most susceptible to these expression lines. In Mode 3, we use Wrinkle Release, with a 10% Argireline peptide to deliver a Botox-like effect to the lips and eye area. Use one to two pumps of serum for the lips and another one to two pumps for the eyes. Concentrate Wrinkle Release penetration to the crow's feet, glabella (or 11's between the eyebrows) and the upper vermillion border of the lip line. 
  4. Around the eyes, a finishing treatment with Essential Eyes will reduce under-eye puffiness and swelling, and dark circles. Apply Essential Eyes around the eye area and infuse the product into the skin using Mode 3 of the Ultrasonic Rejuvenation System. 

Complete the treatment with a light application of Lip Renewal over the lips and an ultra-light application of Post Peel Recovery Balm over the eyebrows and brow bone to give a highlight effect and brighten the appearance naturally. 

Option: Perform a brow tint and/or lash tint after the treatment and give the made-up without makeup look. 

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