Pre & Post-Peel Essentials
  • Pre & Post-Peel Essentials

Pre-Peel Melanin Suppression & Post Peel Recovery

If you're brightening sun damage, discolorations, or melasma, tyrosine inhibitors are a must-have for rapid results and a safe and beneficial treatment for your client. 

Lighten More is an important part of pre-peel prep with it's potent formulation of brighteners, AHA and vitamin C. Together, these ingredients help reduce melanin synthesis and encourage brighter, event-toned skin. 

Post Peel Recovery Balm is a "saving grace" for the skin. It prevents chemical burns and assists with rapid recovery of peeling and sensitive skin. It soothes and softens, helps lift-away dead skin, and nourishes for improved skin functions. 


  • 3 x Lighten More 1 oz
  • 3 x Melanin Cleanser 2 oz
  • 3 x Post Peel Recovery Balm 1 oz
  • 3 x Regenerating Cream 0.25 oz

USE: Complete pre and post peel instructions are available with your ARC peel protocol. Individuals receiving a Rebright, Texas Ruby or A+ Retinol Peel must prep their skin 2-weeks prior to the peel application. Add Lighten More to a nighttime regimen, following cleansing, to prep the skin. 

After the peel, the skin must stay completely dry for 24 hours - this allows for optimal peel penetration. Once this time has passed, cleanse the skin morning and night with Melanin Cleanser. Apply Post Peel Recovery Balm to assist with skin peeling and dryness. As the skin sheds, apply Regenerating Cream morning and night, following cleansing. 

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