Product Knowledge Certification

Product Knowledge Certification

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We’re differentiating and empowering aestheticians with formulations that deliver fully-customized client experiencesbecause everyone’s skin is unique.

In this course, learn how each product family is designed to deliver the perfect balance of scientifically researched ingredients with innovative technology. More importantly, how to help your clients achieve long-lasting benefits towards graceful aging and improved skin health with ARC Skin Care. 

+  Breakdown product types and use
+  ID key ingredients, benefits, and sales points 
+  Learn skin type vs skin concern basics
+  Review suggested regimens
+  Learn how to customize a skin care routine

+  Product Guide
+  Virtual Class/Webinar: This class is with an educator. 

The Essentials Course fee can be applied to future ARC Skin Care orders. Our Advanced Ingredients Course is available in a virtual classroom or with in-person learning at our training center, located in San Antonio, Texas. The Advanced Course takes a deep dive into ingredient biology, technology and sources, their functions in the skin, and advanced problem solving with skin types and concerns.