Rebright Jessner Peel Kit

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7 to 10 day peel

Chronic skin damage needs rapid rejuvenation. Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts clinical-strength MD Rebright peel maximizes results with a layered treatment that targets advanced signs of aging, sun damage, and superficial scars--for a fraction of the cost of laser procedures. 


Rebright Jessner Peel 

A 14% Jessner solution with optional 2% HQ is a targeted mid-depth solution for advanced signs of aging and sun damaged skin. 

2 fl oz 
Synthetic Fan Peel Brush

Post Peel Recovery Balm 

Formulated to soothe and strengthen the skin's natural barrier, Foraha (Tamanu) Oil and Shea Butter encourage epidermal repair and recovery, and encourage collagen synthesis.

4 Pods - 0.25 oz 

Lighten More Complex 

High-strength, color-blind brighteners help suppress pigment formation and promote an even skin complexion. Use Lighten More as a pre-peel prep for optimal results.  

4 Serums - 1 fl oz