Turning Wax Clients into Skin Care Clients

Competition is everywhere. We compete with other aestheticians, businesses, the media, and cosmetic retailers, but we are also competing with ourselves if we are not sharing our talent and products with clients. Communication is the number one way to tell people about a business. Without it, spa owners would simply sit and hope that clients see the menu in the lobby or on the Internet. It is easier to retain a client than enchant a new one into a business, so take every opportunity to cross-promote services within your treatment room and facility.

For example, my business is roughly 40 percent waxing and 60 percent facial treatments. Cross-promoting waxing services to facial clientele is relatively easy. During the facial consultation, talk to them about any changes they may be noticing. Women in their mid-30s to early 50s can begin to experience changes in hair growth patterns. Suggest waxing as an alternative to shaving for longer-lasting results. Waxing is an inexpensive way to help thin hair growth and promote finer, softer hair over time. Alternating their appointments every two weeks keeps them walking through your door consistently. For clients with less time to devote to treatments, book the waxing and facial together; always wax first, then relax them with the facial.

Attracting waxing clients to facial services is not easy. First, the waxing client must have a need for facial services in order to book a facial. Younger waxing clients generally have healthy, youthful skin. Erasing lines and wrinkles or minimizing acne is not important because, well, they do not have any. As a strong, fast wax professional, 15 percent of my waxing business is Brazilian waxing. Some middle-aged clientele who receive Brazilians from me, receive their facials with another aesthetician in our clinic. They do not want hands that waxed pubic regions touching their face. Gloves are worn in every procedure, so it is not a matter of sanitation. The argument is more psychological.

Discouraging or not, you will never know how an individual will respond if you never ask or encourage them. Treat every client to a basic consultation at the beginning of every service. Learn their needs and become their beauty liaison. Whether or not they see you for every service you have to offer, keep in mind that exceptional customer service and pride in your work encourages long-term, regular clientele and their referrals.

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Desiree Cortez is a practicing aesthetician and educator for Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts, Caron Laboratories and Skin Rejuvenation Clinique. As a dedicated skin care professional, she strives to achieve excellence in all aspects of her career and is internationally trained in hair removal practices. Cortez is a member of the Aesthetics International Association, and premiere educator of the renowned Brazilian Bootcamp professional education platform.