3-in-1 facial system


Next-level oxygen facial technology empowers aesthetic professionals with the ability to correct and perfect the skin with the newest innovation in oxygen technology.

OxyTrio does not force oxygen into the cells from the surface, but utilizes the Bohr Effect to bring oxygen-rich blood to the skin.

3-in-1 Facial Technology

Refine, Lift & Sculpt


- Innovative technology
- Preps skin for topicals
- Improves circulation


- Brightens complexion
- Softens skin texture


- Firm and tighten
- Heat energy 
- Targets collagen 


- Wrinkle reduction
- Firmer appearance
- Contours the face 


- Improves permeability
- Hydrates and plumps
- Activates skin 


- Improves metabolism
- Boosts retention
- Reduces puffiness

Treatment kits

Quality formulations

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