Skin Typing

Our skin changes with the seasons of the year and the seasons of life, which is why ARC Skin Care products are created to be interchangeable and fully customized for your best results. 



Skin Types

The foundation of consultation and the proper home regimen is in determining your client’s Skin Type. You can do this by identifying the abundance or lack of oil on the skin’s surface. Maintaining a balance is an important characteristic of healthy skin.


NORMAL/ Well Balanced

Normal skin types have a healthy look and are not oily or dry. The goal for this skin type is to maintain this balance, improve skin radiance and texture, and prevent environmental damage in all seasons. 

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OILY / Excess Shine

Oil glands are overproducing, resulting in excess shine, a greasy look to the skin, and breakouts. Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts products for Oily Skin/Acne help manage oil production, reduce breakouts and prevent environmental damage.

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DRY / Dull and Lined

Characterized by a dull appearance, tight feel and fine lines, dry skin types suffer from natural moisture loss. Improve the look and feel of dry skin with a combination of products that help fortify the skin’s barrier against the elements, seal in hydration, and help improve the skin’s elasticity.

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Commonly referred to as t-zone, combination skin types are characterized as having increased oil and shine from the forehead down the nose and the chin, with dry regions on the cheeks. Balancing this skin type with Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts product range helps prevent environmental damage, breakouts and blackheads, while refining the pores and improving the look of the skin.

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Characterized and skin that reacts with burning, itching and sometimes inflammation to a variety of topical or environmental triggers; sensitive skin is a surprisingly common Concern. Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts’ solutions for sensitivity encourage healthy regeneration and provide the skin with essential nutrients while helping to prevent environmental triggers of sensitivity.

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Skin Concerns

As aesthetic professionals, we’ve learned that skin care regimens should evolve with the changes of the seasons and changes related to aging. Identifying your clients skin types is the foundation of the regimen. Identifying the skin’s Concern will help target the regimen and get your client on the path to healthier and more radiant skin. 



Uneven skin tone, dark spots or discolorations are a result of chronic sun damage, melasma, or acne. Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts’ Hyperpigmentation product range is formulated to lighten discolorations and encourage a more even skin tone by suppressing pigment-inducing melanocytes. Over time, the skin will appear more luminous and even-toned. 

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A combination of chronic environmental damage and intrinsic aging, this skin Concern is characterized as thin, with fine lines and wrinkling, poor elasticity and dryness. Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts’ Cellular Solutions range is specifically formulated to restore radiance to the skin by encouraging collagen synthesis and smoothing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 

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Skin that lacks essential water and has a cellophane-like appearance to the superficial layers is characterized as dehydrated. Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts Clinical skin care products for dehydration focus on exfoliating and infusing hydration back into the skin. Results may include increased absorption, improved barrier function, reduced breakouts, and restored radiance to lackluster skin.

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Generally related to hormonal changes in the body, acne can develop in teens and adults, and is characterized by the type and severity of lesions it presents. Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts’ Oily Skin/Acne product range is formulated to help manage oil production, prevent cellular buildup, and decrease the occurrence of breakouts in teens and adults. 

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Flushed skin, redness, acne-like lesions and visible blood vessels on the skin surface may be the result of an underlying Concern called rosacea. Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts’ Sensitive Skin/Rosacea product range is formulated to gently refine the skin, reduce redness, and offer vascular support with a proprietary combination of anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants. 

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