Chemical Peels & The Rejuvenation Facial

The Rejuvenation Facial - Chemical Peel protocol and benefits for all skin types


The aesthetic team at Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts’ is educated and highly trained in all facets of skin rejuvenation and aspire to help guide you through all aspects of your career and development. As advocates of Concierge Aesthetics, you have the ability to gain valuable knowledge about the skin while adding a variety of customized treatment options to your service menu.

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As practitioners and pioneers of concierge aesthetics, we believe in delivering custom facial services to every client that visits our facility. It all starts with the Rejuvenation Facial, an elite experience that includes a chemical peel, extractions, eyebrow wax, relaxing massage, and amazing results. 

The Rejuvenation Facial protocol gives you the flexibility to choose peel solutions based on your client's skin type and concern. It is the foundation to all Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts procedures and an integral part of creating and maintaining healthy, beautiful looking skin at any age. 

  • Renew your skin and encourage healthy collagen synthesis
  • Improve the appearance of discolorations and age spots
  • Reduce fine lines and soften wrinkles
  • Smoother skin texture and reduced pore appearance
  • Decrease acne breakouts and fade post-inflammatory lesions
  • Promote lymphatic drainage for improved appearance




Glycolic Peel  /  15% or 30% Concentration

Potent and fast-acting, this AHA removes dull, dead skin cells and helps facilitate many regenerative processes while improving skin tone, texture, absorption and hydration. Glycolic Peel is suitable for most all skin types and concerns. 


Lactic Peel  /  30% with Spin Trap, Beta-Carotene, Ginkgo, and Glucosamine

A unique peel blend that exfoliates, hydrates, and infuses the skin with potent antioxidants to help encourage collagen synthesis. Lactic Peel is ideal for balanced to dry skin types with sensitivity or aging concerns.


Salicylic Peel  /  20% with Lactobacillus/Red Clover Flower Ferment Extract

As an oil-seeking acid, salicylic BHA lifts away very superficial layers of hyperpigmented dead skin cells, dissolves excess oil and deep cleanses the pores. It immediately brightens and softens the skin, making it ideal for discolorations, age spots, oily skin, and acne concerns. 


Pumpkin Peel  /  30% Glycolic with Pumpkin and Gluconic Acid

Dual AHA and enzyme action, this peel is exclusively formulated to deliver the multiple benefits of glycolic acid, yet is gentle enough to use on sensitive and rosacea skin concerns. 


Citrus-C Enzyme Peel  /  30% Glycolic with L-Ascorbic Acid

Delivers the many benefits of glycolic acid with a peel-boosting citric acid. Citrus-C Enzyme Peel contains stimulating Vitamin C to infuse antioxidants into dull, damaged skin and help encourage collagen synthesis. Ideal for balanced to oily skin types with  thick skin, hyperpigmentation, rough texture or dehydration. 


Blue Enzyme Peel  /  30% Lactic and Bromelain with Agave, Kelp, and Wild Yam Extracts

Hydrating and stimulating, Blue Enzyme Peel contains a cocktail of beneficial extracts with peel-boosting bromelain enzyme to help revive dull, tired skin and improve tone and texture. Ideal for balanced to dry skin types with aging concerns or rough texture.  


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