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May Workshops

Designed for aestheticians who want to become leaders in their trade, Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts offers all levels of education and hands-on workshops for aesthetic professionals. 

Aesthetic Workshops and Certifications

Addressing Major Skin Changes Associated with Menopause 

Our hormones are constantly in flux—especially as we age—experiencing a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows that impact not only our minds and bodies, but also our skin. Learn the facts about menopausal skin and view a live demonstration of Microneedle with Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts skin care products. 

Tuesday, May 11
3:00 pm Eastern Time

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Microdermabrasion Technology & Demonstration 

This online workshop for aestheticians educates about microderm technology, Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts Pro-Peel solution for microderm, and techniques that deliver the best results. Tina Zillmann [LE, CLHRP, ARC Founder] will finish the seminar with a live demonstration of our signature protocol and Q & A session. 

Tuesday, May 25
12:00 Noon Central Time

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