Establishing a Routine


Stick to it, give it time to work, and experience real improvements. Consistency can make an enormous difference in the skin.

Skin changes don’t happen overnight—it takes 27 days for our skin cells to cycle, a few months to see the visible signs of sun damage that accumulate, and decades to witness age-related changes. Establishing a progressive skin care routine at home is the foundation to a rejuvenating professional regimen. Once established, the wonder of chemical peels, microderm, and ultrasonic facials is truly experienced by clients. 


1. Cleanse 

Evening cleansing rituals remove dirt, makeup and environmental dander that impact the natural nighttime regenerative processes. Cleansing AM and PM helps reduce oil buildup. 


2. Tone 

Fruitzyme and Pumpkin Conditioners hydrate, improve absorption, and provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients. Clearifying Toner is purely oil control and pore clearing to reduce breakouts and reduce shine. 


3.  Vitamin C  

High-Potent C and Mega C are our gold standard in skin protection, but not all skin’s can tolerate this active ingredient. Opti-Renew Complex, Rapid Renewal and Advanced Repair are excellent alternatives that deliver potent antioxidants to the skin and can be used daily. 


4. Moisturize  

Every skin needs hydration—each formulation contains a unique blend of fatty acids and antioxidants that deliver just the right balance of moisture for your client’s skin type. 


5. Sun Care 

Up to 80% of skin aging is caused by UV and pollution. Sun Protectant is a universal anti-aging product that’s 100% natural and should be used daily. 


6. Treat 

Skin tone and texture can change dramatically with a balanced regimen—but targeted treatments are necessary for specific skin problems. Reduce hormonal breakouts with Blemish Control or help fade inflammatory pigmentation and scars with Lighten More. Wrinkle Release helps reduce wrinkle depth and volume, and is an excellent treatment for clients who want to prolong their Botox results or want a less invasive alternative to these types of injections. 


7. Detox/Soothe 

Powerful adjuncts to a daily routine—whether you do them several times a week or only once. Herbal Mask, 24k Lifting Gold Mask, or Pore Refining Pumpkin Mask set on the skin longer than a cleanser, giving the ingredients time to penetrate and perfect the skin.  


8. Exfoliate 

Hydroxy acids and enzymes pair perfectly with retinols. As skin rejuvenation is boosted with retinols, acids dissolve dead skin and keep the skin barrier active and youthful—alternate Rejuvenation 10 and Revit-A-Lift at night. A light scrub with Dermabuff or Revitalizing Scrub will boost absorption and give a great glow to the skin in the morning. Depending on the client’s skin type, exfoliate at least 3 nights a week. 


We can lead our client’s to a good regimen, but it’s up to them to follow the daily ritual. The most important thing to emphasize is consistency. Once they start their regimen, keep the momentum of healthy skin going for at least six weeks before making any adjustments. If the skin is clear, bright and hydrated, keep it going and never stop rejuvenating.