How to use retinol and glycolic acid to rejuvenate skin

Retinol and glycolic pairing for skin rejuvenation

Bright, clear, even-toned, smooth... whatever the preferred term, we're always seeking ways to improve our complexion. What you may not know is that many common skin concerns can be remedied by improving our skin's ability to naturally regenerate.

Over time, UV, pollution and our environment take their toll on our skin, prematurely aging by damaging skin cells and slowing regeneration. Improving cell regeneration and exfoliating damaged skin cells is the foundation to improving elasticity, brightening tone, improving skin clarity, and line and wrinkle reduction.  

How does retinol work?

Vitamin A [and its derivatives] is an essential vitamin that contributes to epidermal cell renewal. Unfortunately, it depletes with sun damage, oxidative stress and age. Replenishing this vitamin topically offers many benefits:

  • Contributes to epidermal renewal and keratin synthesis
  • Improves the strength of collagen and elastin proteins
  • Helps our skin filter UVA and UVB sun rays
  • Prevents burning and redness of the skin
  • Boosts the skin's defense when paired with other antioxidants

How does glycolic acid work?

The gold standard of chemical exfoliation, glycolic acid is advocated by Dermatologists because of its universal application and multitude of skin benefits. 

  • Lifts-away dead skin cells and triggers cell renewal
  • Humectant that draws-in water to increase skin hydration
  • Encourages collagen synthesis and improves elasticity
  • Skin becomes more radiant, brighter and receptive
  • Improved penetration of skin care products and active ingredients

Using them together for maximum skin benefits

Retinol regenerates and glycolic exfoliates. Together, these ingredients encourage the skin to act younger and improve the results you're getting from other active ingredients. 

Our favorite pairing of glycolic and retinol is with Revit-A-Lift and Rejuvenation 10 - two night creams that deliver the cell renewal benefits while boosting hydration and antioxidant content of the skin. 

Apply one cream per night, after cleansing, and go to bed. Alternate the use of each cream from day-to-day. As you sleep, Revit-A-Lift is working hard to foster regeneration and improve suppleness. The next night, Rejuvenation 10 will remove dead, damaged skin cells from the surface, revealing a brighter tone and soft texture over time.

Retinol and Glycolic Rejuvenation

Things you should know before using glycolic and retinol

Because these ingredients bring fresh, new skin to the surface, you will be sun sensitive. Damaged skin cells contain pigment and have hardened to protect your skin from the elements. New skin cells do not have this shield. Make sunscreen and a vitamin C serum part of your morning ritual to protect your skin from photo-aging.  

If you're new to using glyolic and/or retinol, take it slow. Start your path to rejuvenation by using these ingredients 2-3 times a week, gradually increasing as your skin tolerates. In some cases, your skin may be too sensitive, and there are alternative products available for individuals who can't tolerate high doses of glycolic or retinol.