Mask-ne Relief

Dealing with skin irritation and breakouts under a mask. 



    • Acne Mechanica: Pressure and friction from the mask triggers acne. 
    • Stress: Combining occlusion with the inflammatory response of stress hormones, like cortisol. 
    • Dermatitis: Localized irritation and facial redness. Can be caused by an allergen or a combination of variables. 
    • Millia: Combined occlusion and sweat traps dead skin and bacteria into tiny nodules. Exfoliation and manual extractions are necessary.
    • Rosacea/Rosacea Acne: Can flare up in individuals who are predisposed to the condition. 
COVID Masn-ne Mask Acne Relief and Clarifying



Gentle Cleansing

Keeps the skin clear and contributes to healthy barrier functions. 

Phyto-Soothing Cleanser 
A creamy gentle facial wash formulated with amaranth proteins to deliver skin-balancing hydration and anti-inflammatory support. 

Pumpkin Cleanser  
Enzymatic exfoliating and texture refining gel facial wash with nourishing fatty acids and shea butter. 


Serum / Treatment 

Clarifying and anti-inflammatory support to calm the skin. 

Advanced Repair Serum  
All-in-one redness relief formulated with polyphenols to actively reduce inflammation.  

Clearing Complex  
Probiotic skin support and exfoliation that clarifies, promotes repair, and decongests pores while you sleep.  


Moisture + Hydration

Promotes optimal barrier functions for clear, smooth skin. 

Advanced Recovery Cream
A skin-quenching, nourishing, and anti-inflammatory formulation with ALA, CoQ10, Spin Trap and Omega fatty acids.  

Clearifying Lotion
Antimicrobial hydration formula with tea tree and citrus that reduces breakouts and inflammation.  


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