Saving Business in COVID

Like many of you, we have been impacted by COVID-19. Our local spas have closed, but we have not slowed down. Now is the perfect time to re-engage with your clients by opening-up and communicating.  



Right now, connect with your customers any way possible. Call and email clients to let them know that you're thinking of them and are waiting out the pandemic with them. Keep your business alive by telling them you can keep their skin care routine going with shipments. 


Get Social

Start sharing your knowledge on Facebook and Instagram. What are you doing to keep your skin in shape? What ingredients do you think are the best and why? How do you layer skin care? No question is too small or silly to put out there. 


Keep Selling

We've heard many things from customers... From the, "Why are you closing? I really need my services." argument, to, "I can't believe you're open during a crisis?" Bottom-line, we want to emerge stronger and more prepared than ever after COVID-19. We have to keep our customers engaged to help us, help them. 

Let everyone know you can drop ship a product or skin care routine to them and promote e-gift cards through your scheduling software. Communicate this in your emails and social media posts to inform your client-base. 


Show Gratitude

As we stay in touch with each other virtually, we're preparing ourselves for a healthier future with deeper relationships and increased customer loyalty. Something to truly be grateful for as we move through this pandemic. 

As we engage virtually, we must counter with decompressing. Take 30-minutes out of every day to meditate. Turn off the TV and phone. Sit outside. Take several breaths. Say nothing and do nothing. 


Our team members are here to support your business with education, resource-building, and order fulfillment. Drop ship is available and highly recommended to retain clients. 

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