Take Your Glow To-Go

Why you should be traveling with your skin care routine

Your skin care routine should never take a vacation—especially when you consider how much you’ve invested in products and procedures. 

Time away from your routine can have a dramatic impact on your skin. About 80% of the damage we see in our skin is attributed to sun damage. And one fun day in the sun can reverse months—if not years—of the benefits you’ve received from facial treatments. 

Remember, pigment is stimulated by UV… If you’re dealing with—or have dealt with—hyperpigmentation, or an uneven skin tone, pigment suppression is key to maintaining bright and even skin. Sunscreen—reapplied regularly—and protective clothing are your #1 defense against pigment flare-ups. Women with melasma, or hormonal hyperpigmentation, are especially susceptible to uneven pigmentation after sun exposure.We suggest the ARC Hyperpigmentation Travel Kit with Lighten Lotion and High-Potent C serum preventative care for traveling. 

Face and body acne needs special care throughout the day to reduce oil and breakouts, with sun care being especially important to reduce the occurrence of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) or pigmented scars. ARC Oily Skin / Acne Travel Kit with Clearing Complex or A+ Gel are perfect for traveling, but for on-the-go (in the gym bag) applications, ARC Resurfacing Peel 10/2 treatment pads are the perfect choice for clarifying oil control. 

Sun exposure and heat can trigger inflammation and redness in sensitive skin types. More importantly, when you change or stop your sensitive skin care routine, your skin may be more reactive to environmental changes, hot/spicy foods or beverages, and other skin care products. Take the ARC Sensitive Skin / Rosacea Travel Kit and ARC Advanced Repair Serum to maintain your regimen and prevent environmental triggers on inflammation and redness.

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