What can you expect from glycolic acid?

What are the benefits of glycolic peels

A brighter, lineless, and clearer complexion is under your skin just waiting to be revealed and we have all the means to achieve it! 

Classic and time-tested, glycolic peels are the gold standard of peel treatments. Dermatologists have been advocates of glycolic acid for decades because there's practically no downtime, its wonderful for most all skin types, it has a multitude of benefits for the skin, and it’s affordable. By removing dead skin cells and triggering activity in the skin, this acid helps improve fine lines, hydration, acne, melasma, sun damage, and more—and for a fraction of the cost of laser procedures. 


Using a peel solution does not mean your skin is going to peel.

Modern acid formulations are designed to rejuvenate the skin by diminishing lines, softening scars, building collagen, and brightening discolorations. And they come in different strengths. In a facial, your aesthetician is trained to choose the best chemical peel solution and strength for your skin type. Home peel solutions are made with a lower percentage of acid to give you a safe and beneficial result at home. 

Glycolic acid can boost your skin’s health. 

Once it touches your skin, glycolic acid lifts away dead skin cells and triggers your living cells below to multiply. This reaction increases hydration levels and collagen synthesis that help your skin look and feel younger. As the dead skin cells slough-off (a process that you can’t always see with the naked eye) your skin becomes more radiant, brighter and receptive. Your skin care products will penetrate better into your skin because there’s no dead skin or dehydration impeding progress. 

Acne scars and melasma are highly receptive to glycolic acid. 

These conditions, controlled by the body’s hormones, can benefit greatly from glycolic acid. Laser resurfacing—including Microlaser peel and Profractional—can deliver rapid results for most types of scars. Unfortunately, lasers can also stimulate acne, which can be frustrating because this is how the scars developed. Melasma is similar—BBL or IPL photo facials can dramatically improve discolorations in a few as 3 procedures. However, if you have melasma, these procedures can trigger melanocytes to produce more pigment, making the condition worse. 

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