New Professional Referral Portal

How do I access my Professional Portal? 

To gain access, please contact your Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts Account Manager at or 1 800 689-0499. You must be approved before earning referral dollars.

1.   Sign in to Your ARC Professional Account at 
2.   Select the “Professionals” tab from the main menu
3.   Select the “Professional Referral Portal” to open

Your Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts Professional Referral Portal displays your personal discount code, unique referral link, and earnings. In order to view a detailed list of clients who have made purchases, you may request a report from your Account Manager with your monthly payout.  

Personal Discount Code + Referral Link

When your referral account is setup, you will have the opportunity to choose your unique access code and link. You provide this code to your clients. When your clients make a purchase direct from your code, you will earn commissions for the sale. Sales are displayed in your Professional Referral Portal. 

DISCOUNT CODE Your discount code grants your clients free shipping on orders over $75.

REFERRAL LINK Your shared link automatically applies the code at checkout. The cookie associated with your link expires after 90 days. Your client will need to use the link to replenish product. Use your link on your website/social pages.


Commissions are processed at the end of the month and are applied as a credit towards your next regular wholesale order. Your commission value must be used in one order and may not be split across multiple orders. Commissions may not be transferred to other accounts. 

Commission values over $600 have the option of receiving a check payment in lieu of an account credit. A completed W-9 form is required to be on file. Commissions under $600 that have not been used in six months are forefit. 

Suggestions: Get a QR Code + Linktree

Pur your unique link into a QR code and print onto a flier or business card for your clients to scan.

Linktree is ideal for Facebook and Instagram, where you can only display one website. Linktree places all your web links into a single menu for clients to choose how to navigate. 


By registering for Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts Professional Referral Portal, you agree to our Affiliate Program Agreement.