Stress and Your Skin

You take care of your skin, but still have lingering problems? Doctors are doing more research on aging, and they’re finding chronic stress is a leading culprit.

Stress can take many different forms, after reading an article called Generation Stress in Marie Claire magazine, I immediately related to the story and the “Cultural Stress” topic she discussed. Essentially, this newfound stress is the leading result of our “freedom” to work, communicate, keep up with current events, and check our social media posts–thanks to technological advancements. Our body reacts to stress and delivers a fight-or-flight response. An increase in heart rate, breathing and brain activity draw the blood to these vital organs. Leaving less important regions, like the skin, to survive with minimal nourishment. 

I had the opportunity to read this on my way back from a workshop in Vegas. There’s nothing like a short, jam-packed work trip that contributes to my dull, tired look. Quite the opposite from radiant-just-got-back-from-vacation skin. The steps I take to keep my skin healthy are the same ones I recommend for all my clients. Keep your regimen balanced and use products that benefit your skin type.

Aging Skin

Retinol and glycolic acid are your key ingredients to help stimulate cell turnover and collagen synthesis, and improve overall radiance. Retinol gives your fibroblasts a boost and encourages a thicker collagen network. Glycolic acid dissolves dead skin cells and encourages regeneration of epidermal layers and collagen. Alternate the use of Rejuvenation 10 or Resurfacing Peel with Revit-A-Lift at night. UseDermabuff twice a week to polish the skin. If you’re using a prescription retinoid, a 0.05% should be sufficient. Anything stronger or overused can make the skin hypersensitive and fragile.

Dry Skin + Blemishes

At one point in our life, our skin maintained a beautiful balance of moisture and hydration. When this balance is disrupted, we suffer from puffiness, dry skin, dehydration and/or acne. You don’t need an acne regimen–this will only dry-out the skin. Use Clearifying Toner to help balance oily regions only. Spot treat cysts and whiteheads with Blemish Control. Never stop moisturizing, just use the right one. Rest-N-Restore and Phyto-DMAE cream synergistically lock in moisture and prevent dehydration and breakouts. 

Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

Circulation is the key to help minimize under-eye puffiness and discoloration. Ingredients like horse chestnut extract, tetrahydrocurcuminoids, and phytoniadone (K) help boost renewal and improve the look of the eyes (try Brightening or Essential Eye Complex). For morning makeup application, dab a little Contour Eye Gel to the eye area before applying a concealer.

Give Your Mind and Body Some Downtime

If all the talk about products and choices to make stress you out, take some time-out with our one-hour Ultrasonic or Microderm. facial and book yourself a massage after your facial. The power of touch relaxes the mind and body while helping to improve circulation and skin radiance.


Tina Zillmann, LE, CLHRP, Founder and VP ARC Skin Care