Microdermabrasion Certification

Microdermabrasion Certification

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Microderm Technology rejuvenates skin by wounding at the microscopic level. This encourages collagen synthesis, improves penetration of anti-wrinkle and anti-aging actives, and oxygenates skin by encouraging surface circulation. 

Both crystal and crystal-free microdermabrasion treatments can have profound impacts on the skin. This course gives aestheticians a comprehensive knowledge about the technology, techniques, and how to combine microderm with peels and other types of technology for the best results. 

+  Learn skin typing and biology
+  Learn about the technology
+  Step-by-step approach to the treatment
+  How to address problems as they arise
+  How to build a treatment plan and prebook

+  Protocol & Forms
+  Pre and Post Care
+  Product Kit
+  Hands-On in SA,TX or Virtual Class

+  Protocol & Forms
+  Pre and Post Care
+  Virtual Class/Webinar: This class is with an educator.