Post Peel Recovery Balm

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Healing & Soothing Formula

A skincare essential, this soothing balm is formulated with skin-superfoods foraha/tamanu oil and shea butter, and ultra-refined petroleum to support collagen and prolong moisture.

Skin that is chapped, burnt, severely dry, or inflamed is compromised and it needs barrier support to help recover. Post Peel Recovery Balm is ideal post-treatment and at home to help accelerate the skin’s natural wound-healing response, leaving it feeling soft, supple, and protected. 

-  Dryness
-  Chapped skin
-  Eczema
-  Minor lesions
-  Superficial burns

Prolong the benefits of your moisturizer. Apply a fine layer of Post Peel Recovery Balm after your daily moisturizer to improve retention. It also promotes rapid recovery from over-exfoliation and travels well for ski trips to prevent chapped skin and windburn.  

SIZE: 1 oz 


Shea Butter, Foraha Oil, Petrolatum.