Body Peel Kit

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1 x Citrus-C Glycolic Peel 5 oz 1 x Herbal Mask 5 oz 
1 x Dermabuff 4.5 oz
1 x Massage Cream 12 oz
1 x Sun Protectant SPF 30 2 oz 

Classic and time-tested, Citrus-C Peel with glycolic AHA is the gold standard of peel treatments. By removing dead skin cells and triggering activity in the skin, Citrus C addresses multiple signs of skin damage to reveal radiant looking skin. 

A-R-C Body Peel Protocol addresses these concerns:

  • Mottled skin tone, age spots 
  • Dark, velvety, or thickened skin 
  • Fine lines, dryness, or scaly-looking 
  • Acne and/or acne scarring 
  • Keratosis pilaris (KP)
  • Ingrown hair