OxyTrio Treatment Kits

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The next-level oxygen facial tech that does not force oxygen into the cells from the surface, but utilizes the Bohr Effect to bring oxygen-rich blood to the skin. Oxy pods combine the benefits of natural oxygenation and exfoliation with radiofrequency and ultrasonic penetration for complete rejuvenation. Together, these modaities address all visibls signs of aging skin on the face and body.  

Each Kit Includes:
-  6 Oxy Pods
-  6 Primer Gel
-  6 Serum


Revitalizes dull, tired-looking skin with polyphenols from plant extracts and potent peptides. 


Hyaluronic acid, potent peptides and nourishing fatty acids illuminate the skin with moisture and hydration while smoothing and refining skin texture. 


Charcoal and mandelic acid dissolve blackheads and comedones, and reduce oiliness for a balanced complexion. 


Brightens complexion and promotes a more even skin tone with vitamin C, kojic acid, and polyphenol-rich plant extracts.


Potent peptides, algae extract and ferulic acid revitalize dull skin and contribute to a more illuminated and bright complexion. 


Purify and balance excess oil by nourishing the skin with beneficial fatty acids and comedolytic salicylic acid.