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Healing & Soothing Formula

A soothing balm formulated to soothe and soften compromised skin by encouraging natural healing. Post-Peel Recovery Balm accelerates the wound-healing response post-treatment, protects the skin’s natural oils, and helps relieve inflammation

Foraha Oil [Tamanu Oil] | Promotes recovery
Shea Butter
 | Nourishing fatty acids
Purified Petrolem USP | Accelerates wound-healing

Use Post-Peel before applying a chemical peel, to prevent burning. Ideal applications include after a brow, lip, or chin wax, or apply to dry/chapped areas of skin to prevent peel penetration and burning.

At the end of a facial, apply Post-Peel to areas that may be over-exfoliated to prevent burning. Clients who are undergoing a series of microdermabrasion, laser, or jessner/tca procedures can use Post-Peel at home to promote rapid recovery of the skin.

SIZE: 5 oz wt


Shea Butter, Foraha Oil, Petrolatum.